HHWD Hiring ColdFusion Developers - Updated

WOW! What a year! Due to our expanding backlog of work, Honey House Web Designs is expanding our workforce. Update: We are looking for experienced CF coders, as well as subcontractors and Internet IT professionals.

If you are a Coldfusion developer who is proficient in

  • CF 8 or 9,
  • CFC beans and Data Objects,
  • CSS based designs,
  • Java
  • Server Management

If you are proficient in Flash/Flex, CFEclipse, FusionDebug, these are added bonus.

Candidates should live in the South East, (no relocation offered). Some telecommuting may be possible within a 150 mile radius in the beginning, but you must be an organized self-starter who can work without tons of oversight.

Please send your resume and project sample links to hhd - at - honeyhousedesigns.com (you know the schpeal).

CF / IIS Service LockUp when using CFMX7, MS Access, and File Uploads

A client regularly uploads an Access database (I know, I know, not the best one for the job.. but the point is another blog/argument) which is then a CFMX7 datasource.

Occasionally and intermittently over the last few years, the .mdb file would be locked, showing the corresponding .ldb file and the uploads would fail. But these files weren't just locked. They were so tightly bound, that FTP deletes would not delete. Even the hosting support personnel could not delete. They had to shut down the CF server, and IIS to delete the files and then restart. Not good news for other accounts the shared hosting server.

Even more interesting is that all of a sudden, the problem became more frequent (locking 6 times yesterday, and 5 more today)... and thus, replicable. It appears as if CF Access datasource connection creates the lock (appropriately) when a query of any sort is performed, even SELECT statements. Attempting an upload while the file is "locked" however doesn't just reject the upload, it corrupts the files and the service.

We don't know what changed, but every single upload now locks. and I suspect the java method that creates the datasource link may lock the database at the application.cfc level. (Any CF/JAVA wizards, please feel free to chime in on this suspician if you know one way or the other). IIS is v6.

To correct this, have the CF Administrator UNcheck that the "maintain database connections" . Creating a "dummy" query is only for pre CF6.

Coldfusion Support Help -- Ongoing support & Maintenance

HHWD is turning over the reins of a project to a new developer to provide onging development and support of a large international website project (entertainment based). The client has immediate needs and prefers a male developer, readily available for future project development.

If you are well versed in Coldfusion 8, CFIMAGE & CFCs Project Seven MySQL 5 SoThink DHTML menu Paypal Processing CSS based design

Please contact HHWD at 803-648-8556 or email us at hhd - at - honeyhousedesigns (you know the schpeal).

HHWD will assist in providing turnover of the project and provide the new developer with any technical questions regarding design and development.

The new developer will become the primary contact with the client and will NOT be in a sub-contract relationship. The pay is nice, the project in very interesting. It simply no longer fits our business model for projects.

CF8 Installation throws "JNDI listen port in jndi.properties blocked by TCP/IP filtering" Error

I have two CF installations running on separate servers, CFMX7 on my 'production' development server and CF8 running on a secondary server I set up at the end of beta testing last summer. I was ready to make my primary server now CF8 as most of my new projects are developed in it.

Installing CF8 on the secondary server went flawlessly (except for forgetting uninstall Scorpio first). Prior installations of Coldfusion on my dev server also always occurred flawlessly. So, why then, when I attempted to install CF8 did I get a "JNDI listen port in jndi.properties blocked by TCP/IP filtering " error? What is the dickens was that? Java-ish in nature, I knew I was about to enter the netherworld of java...

(Sidenote, I would LOVE to take a few weeks off to learn the internals of CF, Java, RIA, FLEX, etc... but my project load is SO great, and coldfusion is SO good, I simply haven't had time. These are on my list of 100 things to do before I die)

I uninstalled CF8 figuring that was the issue and reinstalled 7... NOPE now CF7 throws the same error... grrr. Checked the TCPIP of newly installed NIC card... oops, IP doesn't match IIS, so corrected.... but error remains (suspect this is root of problem)

I had just installed a new lan card, but for the love of mustard couldn't see why that would cause my Coldfusion to fail. But that indeed was the culprit.

Looking at Russ Michaels blog, who had a running client with the same issue in 2006, I ran netstat -an to see what was listening (Thanks Russ... I would have never thought of that). Indeed there was not port 2930 listening on my netstat listing as is set up in \runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\jrun.xml.

so I looked at the server config and sure enough, my new card's IP was 192.xxx.xxx.4 instead of the 192.xxx.xxx.3 used in the IIS server setup. I corrected the card's IP address and could not get the system to look and listening (voila-- reboot).

Upon reboot, another netstat command shows that the tcpip port 2930 is now listening and the server will configure as it should. I could have updated the jrun.xml to another port that was listening, but this was more elegant, and I now have it set to what it was before.

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