Coldfusion Support Help -- Ongoing support & Maintenance

HHWD is turning over the reins of a project to a new developer to provide onging development and support of a large international website project (entertainment based). The client has immediate needs and prefers a male developer, readily available for future project development.

If you are well versed in Coldfusion 8, CFIMAGE & CFCs Project Seven MySQL 5 SoThink DHTML menu Paypal Processing CSS based design

Please contact HHWD at 803-648-8556 or email us at hhd - at - honeyhousedesigns (you know the schpeal).

HHWD will assist in providing turnover of the project and provide the new developer with any technical questions regarding design and development.

The new developer will become the primary contact with the client and will NOT be in a sub-contract relationship. The pay is nice, the project in very interesting. It simply no longer fits our business model for projects.

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