FusionDebug "steals" from CFBuilder --Bug?

In an Eclipse install with both FusionDebug and CFBuilder, beware how your breakpoints are set and which debugger interprets them. Turns out that a breakpoint set using FusionDebug is not recognized by CFB when CFB debugger is run. Furthermore, any breakpoints set with CFB ARE recognized by FD's bebugger, except that FD debugger then "converts" CFB breaks to FD breakpoints so that CFB will then no longer recognize them when CFB debugger is run again.

Set CFBuilder or Fusion Debug BreakpointInterestingly, the two "look" exactly the same. so you can't really tell except to know which debugger ran last. :P But you can distinguish which type of breakpoint to set by right clicking in the line-number area and choosing either to set Fusion Debug Breakpoint or set Breakpoint (CFB).

A quick support ticket to both Adobe and Integral was sent. Don't know if CFB is "giving up" its breakpoint designation or if FD is snagging it. Integral's response was "hmmm, interesting, may be the 'nature' of Eclipse". No response from Adobe yet.

The back story of how bug was uncovered...: After thinking about it for months now, a few weeks ago, I decided to install CFBuilder in my Eclipse. I had been using the OLD-OLD-deprecated CFDebugger for a few functions, it was time.

I also have been using FusionDebug for years, each debugger bringing something to the development table. And, the two are "told" to be able to coexist peacefully with each other.

And they do. sort of.

After clean installs and testing RDS, CFB seemed to work fine except that CFB would not recognize breakpoints. And FD was perfectly happy firing off breakpoints on the same install After days of headbanging and threatening to swap to Ubuntu, I called in the reinforcements: Charlie Arehart (who, if you havent tried his troubleshooting services, does a fabulous job). Together we walked through all the usual "troublespots" for CFB and FD. It was only after we troubleshoot a variety of scenarios that we realized the issue.

My thanks to Charlie for skipping lunch over it :)


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BlogCFC Easter Egg?

It's early, very early. I am customizing the BlogCFC editor for a client... and ran across this little comment snippet in my blogCFC code.


Purpose: Makes it easier to add a Rich Text Editor, for you wimpy folks who can't write html by hand. I tell ya - in my day, we wrote our HTML by hand and we liked it gosh darnit. We didn't even have monitors. We had to write our HTML with punchcards. And our punchcards were made of tissue paper and would break if you didn't write it exactly right.


In my early morning, lack-of-enough-coffee haze, it is obvious that I now enter the ranks of "wimpy folks". At least my coffee isn't decaf, and I don't wear birkenstocks (usually).

Honey House Web Designs Instrumental in Online Pathology Slide Collection

Aiken, SC – February 16, 2011

Honey House Web Designs announces today the completion and rollout of a website containing the historical digital archive of Dr. Juan Rosai's pathology slide collection. The Juan Rosai Collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars contains almost 20,000 slides from over 1400 pathology seminars spanning pathology research and diagnosis from the 1940s through today.

www.RosaiCollection.org allows visitors to search and view high resolution slides, pathology case information, and historical documentation from the past 60 years of Dr. Rosai's pathology work. The project was sponsored jointly by the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) and Aperio Technologies, Inc. at no cost to the pathology community. The process of scanning slides, documentation, and developing the website has been underway for the last 10 months. The collection and resulting website will be highlighted at the USCAP's 100th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, February 26-March 4, 2011. Workstations with the website will also be available for interactive use in the conference's exhibit halls.

Dr. Juan Rosai is the Director of the International Center of Oncologic Pathology Consultation Center at the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, in Milan, Italy, and Consultant Pathologist at Genzyme Genetics in New York. Dr. Rosai is author of the pathology textbook, Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathologyover 300 articles, reviews, and essays.

Honey House Web Designs, LLC is among the leading web design firms in the Aiken-Augusta area, specializing in innovative, interactive web sites in all areas of business.

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